Save Money With Local Cities… Forever.

Well… at least for a smooth 25 years GUARANTEED.

There are 5 different power companies here in Southern Utah. Why are there so many? Beats us 🤷🏻‍♂️.  Luckily though, we know how to work with all of them. Some are good for solar, and others well… kinda suck.

See if it makes financial sense to go solar with your power company below




Southern Utah

Local Power Companies

The leader for solar. Recently changed their NET metering rules. If you have RMP, there are a few changes you’ll need to be aware of to have solar make sense. (FYI, look into our Energy Efficiency products to maximize your savings 💰).

Great for solar… (When done right). They pay “dollar-for-dollar” for the power your solar generates that you use that month. Energy Efficiency products or battery will help combat any overproduction charges.

Solar can work with SGU. They charge a fee for every watt generated (can get expensive if you have a massive power bill). You MUST go with a company that has experience installing with SGU.

Dixie Power is the second cheapest power company in the nation. Pretty cool. But most of the times, bad for solar, unless you’re going to live in your home for 15+ years or pay cash for your system.

Santa Clara is NOT good for solar. They are frustrating. Sorry, but it’s best for you to not get solar if you’re in Santa Clara.


The Best in Southern Utah

HUGE Tax Incentives

26% of the cost of solar will be credited back to you when you file your taxes. If you pay taxes, you’re guaranteed to get that money back.

Save Money From Day One

You can finance your system at a 0.99% APR with $0 down. Making your monthly payment for solar less than your average power bill.

Zero Maintenance

Rarely do things go wrong with solar panels. However, if something needs to be fixed, rest assured it’s covered.

Increase Home Value

Homeowners are paying BIG for houses with solar because they get a home with low/zero power bill. Sell your home 17% quicker as well!


Your panels will work at 99.5% of the previous years production. Guaranteed. If we will replace them and pay your power bill. Yes, for 25 years.

Own Your Power

Own your power and be protected from raising utility rates. Next time the power company raises their rates, you get to laugh.

Energy experts

Meet Our Team

Brett Lee

Brett Lee


Been in solar for 6 years. Gives back to the community and single handily keeps fiiz in business. Loves meeting new people! Has overseen offices in UT, NV & OR and continues to coach other solar companies in 8 states how to be successful implementing the things we have learned here in Southern Utah. If solar doesn’t make financial sense for you, he’ll be the first to let you know.

Tom Knobbe

Tom Knobbe

St. George Manager

We call him Father Solar because of the time he’s been in the industry. 10 years. He is a certified solar expert (yes, there is such a thing) and has helped over 350 clients get solar in UT, AZ, NV, and NM. Tom constantly has clients referring their friends to him because of his dashing good looks… and solar knowledge.

Maria Fernandez

Maria Fernandez

Client Success

Every company needs a friendly voice on the other line. Call Maria if you have ANY questions about your solar, your in-laws, friends, or just about anything. Maria can tackle most of world issues. However, if you’d rather focus on your solar needs, she’s pretty good at that too.

Client Testimonials

What People Are Saying

I met with a couple companies before meeting with Human Solar. The rep that came over really knew his stuff. I just felt more comfortable with the entire process than with other companies. Our power bill was $200/mo before solar. That was 5 years ago. Today we only pay $12/mo to RMP.

Max Cohen

“Brett came to our home, explained everything to me. I wanted my wife to hear because it sounded so great. My wife and I felt 100% comfortable with everything. I called him back up and he came back to our house a third time! We were very impressed with Brett and his no pressure sales process.”

Pete C

“We sold our first house with solar and ended up making a few thousand dollars. We just installed our second system with Human Solar! Love everything about them. No complaints here!”

Megan White