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Dollars Donated to Local Families in Need

“I live life by the powerful quote: “The noblest art is that of making others happy”.

I have been in solar since 2014 and have over 10 years experience owning businesses. I love building systems and processes that help streamline and scale businesses. I created human SOLR to make a huge impact on employees and clients lives. I am passionate about solar, and have seen first hand how solar can change peoples lives. I am passionate about building something meaningful where we give back to each city we install in. That’s why I started human SOLR. We focus on people and how solar can help them. When I’m not working, I love downhill mountain biking, playing pickleball, going to the lake and taking my 4 kids and wife on outdoor adventures! My favorite thing in the world is my family.

Brett lee


“Help out a local family and save a ton of money while doing it! It couldn’t be easier.”

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When you power your home with human SOLR, we match your yearly savings and give it to a family in need in your city.

When you are a client with human SOLR, you help change the lives of families in your community. 

human SOLR is about people. We believe that so much that we made it a part of our name! 

The best part about the way we do this is, we are still less expensive than most solar companies. We believe in making a difference in people’s lives. When you become a human SOLR client, not only will you save a ridiculous amount of money… but you will change your city. Literally.

  • Local Families Helped in St. George
  • Local Families Helped in Ivins
  • Local Families Helped in Leeds
  • Local Families Helped in Washington
  • Local Families Helped in Cedar City
  • Local Families Helped in Toquerville

Light Your Home From The Outside

Does Your roof qualify? 

Human SOLR does not make high-pressure sales calls – our goal is to help you lower your electric bill. 

If solar works out, great! If not, NBD… We’re just here to help.​ 👍🏻