never lose power again



Safest on the Market

The battery is lithium iron phosphate or in layman’s terms… No dangerous acid.

Best Economic Value

By far the most cost-effective to purchase, install and use. (By far).

Quickest ROI

The Return On Investment for this battery would tickle any accountant pink. 


Can use off-grid, on-grid, metered or non-net metered. (It’ll do what you want).

Local Company

Corporate office is right here in Utah. No ordering parts from Germany or China.


Peak Loads

Our max peak loads are over TRIPLED what competitors can handle.

connected to the grid. backed up to your battery

When the power grid goes out, your house will automatically switch over within 100 milliseconds and pull power from your battery. Long warranties, minimal maintenance, maximum power.

connected to the grid. backed up to your battery

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