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We guarantee you’ll save at least $15k or we’ll pay you $500.


I met with a couple companies before meeting with human solar. The rep that came over really knew his stuff. I decided to go with the ownership model because our power bill was $200/mo and I wanted something I could pay off. That was 5 years ago. Today we only pay $20/mo for our power!

Max Cohen, Rocky Mountain Power

Brett came to our home, explained everything to me. I wanted my wife to hear because it sounded so great. My wife and I felt 100% comfortable with everything. I called him back up and he came back to our house a third time! We were very impressed with Brett and his no pressure sales process.

Pete C, Washington Power

We've had our Human Solar system for just over 5 years. 8 months out of the year I don't have a bill. And the only reason we have a bill in the summer is because we got a pool after solar was installed.

Sesily L, Rocky Mountian Power

We weren't sure if we wanted solar because this isn't our 'forever house'. But decided to pull the trigger. We are glad we did. We only pay the $12 Rocky Mountain Power fee... Even in the summer!

Kennedy L, St. George

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