10 Biggest Problems with solar

and how Human Solar solves them all

We’ve been asking ourselves that for years… 😜 . Unfortunately, solar doesn’t make sense for everyone.

Each home, power bill, personal finances and length of time they’re going to be in a home is different.

What make sense for your neighbor might not make sense for you.

Some roofs aren’t facing the right direction, some don’t have enough room, and some people have bad credit and the solar bank won’t finance a system for them.

Other times, there isn’t enough savings to make solar worth it for the length of time you’re going to be in a home.

Solar is an investment and can take 6-12 years to payback. As much as it pains us to say, there are some companies that don’t teach homeowners these things and only care about making a commission. 🤦🏻‍♂️

If solar isn’t done honestly and properly, it can feel like you’ve been taken advantage of.

This is where you hear the stories about solar not being all it’s cracked up to be. It definitely can be amazing, and the savings can be huge. But it needs to be done properly.

With us, when your solar is generating power during the daytime, your meter will “spin backwards”. Then at nighttime, when the panels aren’t generating any power, your meter “spins forward” and you pull from the credits you generated in the daytime.

The savings are real because you are eliminating/offsetting your power bill that constantly increases every single year and replacing it with a solar payment (if you choose to finance) that never changes as the years go on and can be paid off.

If solar is done by an honest company, it can be incredible because you’re turning a bill you can’t get rid of and will continue to pay for the rest of your life with absolutely zero return, into and investment.

However, like we said, just because it makes sense for once home, doesn’t mean it’ll make sense for you. And we will tell you if it doesn’t.

In fact, if we can’t guarantee you’ll save at least $10k by switching your power bill to solar, not only will we tell you not to get solar, but we will pay you $500. That is our guarantee.

If your home isn’t good for solar, unfortunately the savings just won’t be there for it to make sense. Here is what your home MUST have in order to qualify:

  • South, East or West facing roof
  • No trees or anything else causing shade on your roof
  • Power bill over $80
  • Your power company MUST Net Meter (if you’re unsure about this one, please reach out and we’ll look into it for you)

If you don’t have ALL of these, we suggest not getting solar.

However… if your home does for each one of these, you may want to look into how much you can save with solar. There’s a pretty good chance it’ll be a lot.

Also, to help make you more comfortable with looking into solar, we guarantee your solar payment will be LESS than your average power bill. So, you’ll save money from day one. You’re already paying what it costs to own solar… You’re just paying the wrong company.

Since 2003, national average utility rates have nearly doubled.

With solar, even if you financed your system, the monthly payment amount would NEVER increase. You can finally have a cheaper, more predictable power bill. Solar has to make sense financially or else you shouldn’t do it. Very rarely does somebody get solar just because they love the environment.

We all want to help the environment, but not at the cost of loosing thousands of dollars. When you replace your existing power bill with solar, not only is it guaranteed to be cheaper from day one, but you will continue to save for the next 25 years. Guaranteed.

If not, we’ll fix it. It’s as simple as that.

The only way we can know how much solar will cost for you is if we see your power bill to determine how many kilowatts (kWh) you’re using on an annual basis.

It doesn’t go off of square footage, or amount of family members living in the home, etc.

We need to know your actual kWh usage.

Will it cost thousands? Yep. It’s an investment. If you’re wanting to save thousands of dollars in your first couple months, maybe look into investing into cryptocurrency instead. 😜

However, if you can afford your power bill you can afford solar.


Your power bill costs thousands of dollars over your lifetime. The only difference is, you didn’t get a loan for it. It’s actually much worse than you might think because there is no payoff amount or date.

If the power company came to you and said:

“Ok, thanks for buying a home in our territory. We now own you. We’re a monopoly and we’re not going to give you an option to choose which power company you want to go with.

You’re stuck with us and you have to pay us whatever we feel like charging until you either die or move.

Now that we got logistics out of the way, the total purchase price for all the power for the next 30 years is going to be $93,785.

We will start billing you different amounts each month to make it impossible for you to budget.

I just need your signature right here and then we can start your never ending payments to us.”

There’s no way you’d sign that! You’d run for the hills.

Think of the freedom you’d feel by having a PREDICTABLE power bill over the next 30 years knowing that your bill will NEVER increase and that you have an end date in the future where it’ll be paid off! 🙌🏻

Again, if you can afford paying your power bill each month, you can afford solar.

Oh, and if you’re going to finance your solar panels, all you need is a 600 credit score and we can get you approved in 20 sec with $0 down.

Your power bill costs thousands of dollars over your lifetime. The only difference is, you didn’t get a loan for it.

Not getting a loan for solar is actually much worse than you might think because that means you’re staying with the power company, and with them… there is no payoff amount or date. Just infinite debt.

Literally. It’s the worst kind of debt because it can never be paid off. You can pay off your car, your house, your credit card, but you can NEVER PAY OFF YOUR POWER BILL! (as discussed above), Imagine the power company came to you and said:

“Ok, thanks for buying a home in our territory. We now own you. We’re a monopoly and we’re not going to give you an option to choose which power company you want to go with.

You’re stuck with us and you have to pay us whatever we feel like charging until you either die or move.

Now that we got logistics out of the way, the total purchase price for all the power for the next 30 years is going to be $93,785.

We will start billing you different amounts each month to make it impossible for you to budget.

I just need your signature right here and then we can start your never ending payments to us.”

There’s no way you’d sign that! You’d run for the hills.

So after looking at your power bill from a different perspective…

Is going into “debt” for $20k, $30k or heck, even $40k where you have a predictable payment with an end date in sight really that bad of a deal? 🤔

We guarantee you will save at least $10k or else we will pay you $500.

That’s how confident you should feel with getting solar.

That is a great question. While we don’t know the exact break even point will be until we build a proposal for you, we can say that generally speaking, if you’re not going to be in your home for at least 5 years, it might be better to not get solar.

Having said that, your home will increase in equity because you installed solar.

Anytime you are either reducing an expense from the home, or improving the home in some way, a percentage of equity must follow.

One of our clients, Kenny Lee, sold his home for $12,000 more because he had solar power system on his home.

In fact, the home buyers came up to his door and rang his doorbell and made an offer on his home specifically because he was the only one in that cul de sac that had solar! 🙌🏻

Energy.gov says “a recent study found that solar panels are viewed as upgrades, just like a renovated kitchen or a finished basement.

Home buyers across the country have been willing to pay a premium of about $15,000 for a home with a solar power system.”

There is also evidence that they sell faster as well! > Source.

Berkeley Lab also analyzed almost 22,000 homes for sale. Almost 4,000 of which had solar panels installed on them.

They confirmed that home buyers consistently were willing to pay a premium for home with “owned” solar.

(We specify “owned” solar because leases, or PPA’s are worthless in the sale of a home).

You must own (finance or pay cash for your solar power system) in order to get the home equity increase. > Source.

Zillow quotes, “During the past year, homes with solar-energy systems sold for 4.1% more on average than comparable homes without solar power.” > Source.

Easy, they won’t work. Panels need sun in order to produce electricity. If there’s no sun, it’s lights out.

Some solar companies only provide one inverter (converts power from the sun to your home), and if just ONE of your panels is covered in shade, EVERY SINGLE PANEL WILL LOSE THE SAME AMOUNT OF POWER. Think of those Christmas lights, when one little bulb burns out, the entire strand is dull. Same thing with other companies solar power system.

But there is hope!

When you get solar with us, we use optimizers (basically a computer attached to each panel to monitor panels individually). This means that if one panel loses power, it WILL NOT affect any other panel. We can stop the spread of weak panels.

Each panel runs independently from one another.

Meaning on average, our systems generate 36% MORE production each year than competitors.

Let me ask you a question… If you could own your home for the same cost as renting it, would you choose to rent or would you own it? (rhetorical, I know, but stay with me here).

If you own a home, you are paying off a debt and one day, you will never have to pay again.

When you rent a home, you have to pay whatever the landlords charge, no matter what. (if you haven’t figured it out yet, the power company is your “power landlord” 😉 ).

So, if you do this for your home, why not do it with your electric bill?

If you get solar, you could save $10 – $30/mo from day one, and in time, you’ll never have to pay again.

You’re already paying what it cost to own solar… You’re just paying the wrong company!

Honestly, if we can build your solar power system to where your monthly payment equals your average power bill payment, you’re in a FAR BETTER position in the long run because you’re going from paying “them” (power company) to paying “yourself”.

However, the power company increases by 4.3% every single year while your solar loan payment will NEVER increase.

So even though you might only save $10-$30/mo your first year, look at it as an investment that grows at a guaranteed 4.3% each year!

That’s a great place to put your money, not to mention it’s money that you’re guaranteed to spend with the power company regardless if you get solar or not.

Here’s another example that helps people feel comfortable with.

Think back to when a gallon of gas only cost $0.80.

What if somebody said they could sell you a gas card for $1.00 per gallon and guarantee that price for the rest of your life?

At first, without knowing the future, you may think it’s not smart to spend a few cents more per gallon.

But looking at how high gas prices are now compared to just 20 years ago, you’d be kicking yourself if you didn’t do it!

When it comes to power, it can be easy to fall into the same trap since we (still) can’t see into the future.

Looking at power rates and how they’ve increased over the past 50 years (and how they’ll continue to climb)…

If you get solar now, it’s the same thing as buying that gas card for $1.00 per gallon.

When your neighbors average power bill goes up to $400 per month and yours is locked in at $120, there will be plenty of high fives to go around! ✋

Not all solar can replace an entire power bill every single time.

Sometimes there isn’t enough room on the roof, other times, it doesn’t make financial sense to offset it entirely because not every local utility is “pro for solar”.

Typically, how solar works is it’ll offset a dollar amount and if you use more than that dollar amount, you pay the difference.

So if your neighbor has a solar power system that offsets $150/mo in power and they use $180 one month, they are responsible to pay the power company the $30 difference.

However, most power companies offer what’s called NET Metering.

This is where they install a meter that spins backwards when your panels are generating power, and forwards when you’re using power.

Simply put, your panels will generate a credit with the power company during the day, and you’re able to use those credits generated during the night.

When we design your system, we will base it on your annual usage so that you’re able to generate enough power during the spring and fall months to offset your high usage in the summer.

Your credits do roll over from month to month, but they do not roll over from year to year.

People often ask, “What happens if the solar company who installed it goes out of business?”

The answer is simple… The manufacturer who built and designed your system will cover your panels for up to 25 years.

Your system comes with a 25 year warranty and they guarantee that your system will produce 99.3% production from your panels every single year.

If your system falls under that percentage, they will replace it. (However, depending on which panel manufacture you go with, you may be responsible to pay for the labor).

Typical electrician rates.

Panels manufacturer’s often use local solar/electric companies to fix/replace broken panels.

This protects you from not needing to worry about the company who sold or installed your system going out of business.

Also, important to note, just like on a car, when it’s 5 year warranty is up, that doesn’t mean your car automatically stops working and dies.

We know cars last MUCH longer than that.

Same is true with your solar panels.

After 25 years, your panels will still work efficiently.

Will there be better technology out there and more efficient panels? Sure there will be.

But those panels will do the same thing your paid off panels will do… Eliminate/offset your power bill.

No sense in spending more money to upgrade your panels when the newer more efficient panels eliminate/offset your bill the exact same way.

Another way to think about it is this…

Do you go buy a new refrigerator every time they come out with newer/better technology, or make it a tiny bit more efficient?

Why not? Because the end result is the same…

The newer one will keep your food cold just like your current one does.

There’s no point in spending more money to get the exact same result.

While some might feel this is true, we’re happy to announce it’s not.

Do you have a job? Do you make money?

Then it’s probably safe to say you pay taxes.

It doesn’t matter if you get money taken out of your paycheck every week, or if you pay at the end of the year.

The government always gets their share of your hard earned money.

With solar, you can get some of that money you worked so hard for back. 26% of the cost of solar, in fact.

Here’s how it works, whatever the amount your 26% solar tax credit is, you MUST pay that amount in taxes throughout the year or you WILL NOT get it all back in your first year. (it’s a tax credit. You have to pay that much in order to get it back).

The good news is, you have 4 years to claim the 26% federal tax credit.

So let’s say you paid $9k in taxes to Uncle Sam.

If your solar tax credit was $7k, you will qualify to get your full solar tax credit back

However, if your solar tax credit was $10k, you would only get $9k back (because that’s all you paid), and the other $1k would come back the following year.

THIS TAX CREDIT IS HUGE! Imagine the current President of the United States came out and said,

“I love Ford vehicles. In fact, I love them so much that I wan’t to reward anybody who gets one by paying for 26% of any Ford of their choice.”

So if you wanted a $50k F-150, the President will give you $13,000 to help pay for it! (Thank you POTUS).

This is essentially what you could get right now if you got solar.

But it’s not going to last past the end of next year.

So many people are getting solar that the gov doesn’t need to reward us for doing it anymore.

Don’t miss out!

Pretty rad to get paid back $5,200 just for getting cheaper, more predictable and cleaner energy! 🙌🏻